Improve Customer Satisfaction with Personalised Handwritten Notes.

Show customers they are valued through thoughtful, individualised messages throughout their customer journey. Send handwritten notes that resonate with customers personally and build long-lasting relationships, turn one-time customers into loyal brand advocates, and reduce customer turnover.

Connecting Businesses and Customers, One Handwritten Note at a Time.

Empower your employees to improve customer satisfaction and experience.

At any stage. Onboarding. Thank You's. Renewals. Complaints. And more.
Hassle-free service that integrates seamlessly into existing business processes.

What distinguishes successful businesses in today's competitive landscape is their ability to excel in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Harvard Business Review underscores this: the key to retaining customers, boosting loyalty, and driving sales lies in crafting extraordinary customer experiences. Businesses that prioritise and master this art set themselves apart, transforming every customer interaction into an opportunity for growth and lasting connection.

Satisfaction is never guaranteed and always appreciate complaining customers.

Harvard Business Review – “10 Ways to Boost Customer Satisfaction” 

On-demand: You type, we print - write - post.


Your customer service representative, Sarah, has just spoken to a prospective customer, John on the phone. John is now a brand new customer!

Day 1

Welcome John.

John is converted from prospect to customer in your CRM. Your product or service is being set up for John. Your CRM: "Awesome, we have a new customer, John, converted by Sarah". CRM Workflow triggers a 'Send Welcome Message', and Penned's platform receives John's details, name, address, and even product name.

Day 2

Penned's team is on it!

Penned's team writes your personalised message to John, welcoming John to your company. Penned adds a beautiful wax seal 'Open Me' to the envelope for an extra wow factor and posts the note!

Day 5

John Get's Mail!

Within a few business days, John received a beautiful handwritten envelope. Surprisingly, he finds a personalised letter welcoming him to your company on a branded card with a stunning wax seal. John shares this on social media and tells his friends.

Day 74

It's Nearly Johns Birthday!

Your CRM identifies it's 6 days away from being John's birthday! CRM triggers a 'Birthday Message Workflow' that automatically sends the details to Penned's platform with customer details and the flags it's a birthday message. Penned's team writes John's birthday message on your branded birthday card.

Day 80

John's Birthday!!

John receives a few birthday cards from friends and family that day. However, among them was another handwritten card. To his surprise! It's from your business and team wishing him Happy Birthday.

Day 335

Annual Renewal is Coming Up

It's nearly been a year since Sarah talked to John on the phone, and he first became a customer. It's only 30 days from his renewal. CRM flags it's 30 days from renewal and triggers a 'Renewal Message Workflow'. Penned receives the request with John's renewal date and product information. Penned's team get to work!

Day 365


John receives a personalised message from Sarah thanking John for the last year as a customer. It's been a pleasure having you as a customer, his feedback has always been welcomed and looking forward to having him as a customer for the next year.

All this for less than $15.

You've sent three professional, personalised handwritten notes and cards to John, and spent only a few minutes setting it up. Penned's printed, written and posted on your behalf. Saving you time, money and delivering exceptional wow moments on your behalf.

One-off or continuous campaigns to increase your customer experience.

Build your brand loyalty, surprise and delight your customers, or manage customer complaints. Whatever type of campaign you need, we can deliver.

Priced for quality and scale.

We are passionate about what we do. The quality and care of every individual handwritten letter, note or card is never compromised. Our pricing caters for all businesses, big or small. Our cards, printed, written and posted will still be lower than your newsagents greeting card.

The average A4 letter contains around 1,100 characters, A6 postcard 250 characters and a A6 greeting card up to 500 characters.

Increase your customer satisfaction. Revolutionise your customer experience. WOW your customers throughout their journey.

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